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intimate waxing, brazilian, hollywood wax

Pain Free Laser Hair removal

October 2018 by Noni Dixon

Unisex Laser Hair removal

Hair removal can be an expensive business; however you do it, waxing, shaving, plucking or creams – what’s worse its almost never ending. As are the side effects, skin reactions, rashes, in-grown hairs not to mention cuts and grazes. Finally there is a pain free solution to your problems. Here at Zen we use a revolutionary IPL (Intense pulsed Light) and RF (radio frequency) combination laser system. Those of you that have had previous laser treatments can vouch for the unpleasant “pinging stinging” sensation with each Zap – not nice and sometimes painful – but not here at Zen.

Our experienced Laser technicians are waiting to help you towards your hair reduction and removal.

Up to 40% off Laser Hair removal this October - phone 01983524581 to book your free, no obligation consultation.

Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

intimate waxing, brazilian, hollywood wax

Brazilian Reasons to get waxed here

March 22nd 2018 by Noni Dixon

Intimate Waxing 101

Zen Beauty & Hair, 22 March 2018

We were really horrified to read this article. We were looking for an informative guide to intimate waxing that would answer some of the questions we are so often asked. What we found was a very misleading piece. One that would put me off having any waxing - let alone intimate waxing. We really aren’t sure whether the training or the products used across the pond are so different but we can reassure you that at Zen you will only have intimate waxing performed by qualified and experienced professionals.

We use Revolutionary, multidirectional stripless hot wax with a scrumptious berrylicious fragrance. This wax encapsulates the hair and will not stick to skin so that it can be removed in almost any direction for ultimate client discretion and comfort with perfect results. Works at low temperatures, is ultra pliable and super gentle. Perfect for intimate waxing.

Of all the points mentioned in this article we actually could only agree with two, “Let it grow” and “Do a skin check” https://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/news/a40350/everything-you-need-to-know-before-getting-a-brazilian-wax/

Here we rewrite Cosmopolitans article from Zen’s perspective and hope that you can see Intimate Waxing at Zen is no Horror Story!

The Prep

1. Let it grow. The ideal waxing length for hair? A quarter-inch, which meant I couldn't shave for three weeks.

2. Relax. The more relaxed you are the better the treatment, deep slow breathing can help.

3. Wear comfortable clothing. Your modesty will be protected at all times using disposable knickers that we can work around and towels - you never need to be fully naked or exposed. Loose clothing will just give the area treated time to breath and feel more comfortable.

The Wax

1. Practice your butterfly pose. NOPE not at Zen, you will only ever have one bent leg at a time dropped outwards, this protects your modesty and is also a great deal more comfortable on the hips and knees.

2. Prepare talking points. NOPE - Zen are professionals and have a range of subjects to get you talking and keep you relaxed.

3. Know it'll hurt. For me, it was as painful as my tattoo! - NOPE not at Zen, uncomfortable maybe but nothing as painful as a tattoo. We keep the skin really taught and use the best designer waxes available - these waxes grab the hair only, not the skin. First time waxes may find the first couple more uncomfortable, but over time it becomes more and more comfortable.

4. And ... there's more yoga. To go totally bare — crack included! — I had to give Nadia full access by bringing my knees to my chest. NOPE - again at Zen there’s just no need, we will achieve exactly the same hair free result but none of this undignified nonsense!

The Aftermath

1. Spring for soothing serum. The area was red, sore, and a little bumpy. - NOPE this will NOT happen at Zen, with our Multiflex designer waxes - there should be no soreness and nothing that lasts more than maybe an hour afterwards.

Brazilian Etiquette

1. Keep it clean. - We will give you wipes to freshen up the area, in private in the treatment room before we start your treatment.

2. Tip up. - always at the clients discretion.

3. Wear a tampon. Generally we wouldn’t recommend having intimate waxing while you have your period, but if you are comfortable and a frequent waxer that will be your decision.

4. Do a skin check. A wax can be performed only on healthy skin. If you have a condition like psoriasis or an STD postpone your appointment until your issues have cleared.

DIY Waxing - Yeah, Just don’t! We’ve seen way too many very painful disasters to recommend that!

Finding the right salon

Do your research - make sure when booking your intimate waxing that the therapists are specifically trained in this, it is a qualification on its own. Being trained to wax legs, brows and armpits does not make you qualified to perform these treatments. All waxes are not created equal! Ask what waxes they use. There are many different types of wax available. Intimate waxing should use the finest grade, multidirectional wax. This wax grabs the hair and not the delicate skin in intimate areas. Using the wrong wax will Hurt, can cause injury and very likely put you off from ever having it done again.!

What's New for You?

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Microblading at Zen

Autumn 2017

With over 12 years of making Brows the very best they can be, it was a natural progression for us to train in Microblading.  We have spent the summer honing our skills and are thrilled to launch this service to you.  Microblading is the perfect answer for anyone with brow issues.  Brows too thin, Brows too patchy, brows with no shape or even no brows at all.  Book in for free no obligation consultation.  We will give you the best advice and quote you accordingly.  Prices from £150.00.  Our treatments include an initial shape, tint and preparation of the brows, the initial treatment AND the follow up treatment 4 weeks later.