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3 min sunbed

3 mins  £3.50

A great place to start and advised for first time tanners or people with very pale skin that are slow to tan.

30 min course £30

6 min sunbed

6 mins £5.50

The most popular bed.  Good starting point for those who tan well or have a base colour already.

60 min course £48.00

9 min sunbed

9 mins £7.00

For the more advanced tanner.  Those who already have a good tan, naturally darker skin and tan quickly. 

90 min course £70.00

Safe Tanning all the way

What our customers are saying

I use the sun beds at Zen, they are the best I've ever found I've been using them for years and I can't remember the last time the price went up, very good value and always clean and well looked after

The staff are always friendly and helpful too.

T. Eldridge 2017